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5 Factors To Look Before Buying A Basketball Hoop

Being a Basketball fan, it is not enough that you get a ball for yourself and start playing it. What’s even more necessary is a good Basketball Hoop, mostly portable, which you can use to set up for scoring. So of course, you aren’t supposed to just go out there and buy it but in fact, you should know what to look at before buying a Basketball Hoop.

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When you are about to buy a Basketball Hoop, there are a lot of factors which actually. Those factors could depend upon your requirements or the needs of the surroundings. You should know whether buying a portable hoop would be better for you or in ground one would better. Price and quality are also one of the top factors which actually come into consideration for the matter.

Anyway, since there is a lot we need to tell you about this, let’s get directly into the details of the matter so that you can know what to look at before buying a Basketball Hoop.

Top Five Factors to Know Before Buying a Basketball Hoop:

This list could go very long but we tried to stick with the five main factors which should actually count.

Hoop Type: 

A Basketball Hoop is basically of two types. The first type is fixed or in ground hoop which you can set up in the ground permanently. You get this one when you have some your permanent personal space on the street or at home.

The second type is a portable basketball hoop. Most people prefer this one since when they have to move places, it can be carried along. Also, when you go to picnics for outing on beaches and pools, this one also suits people the most.


The location for which you need to buy a hoop is also one of the top factors. To set up a hoop and play basketball there, usually, takes a long yard. Now you cannot simply think of setting it up in a place where you can hardly dribble the ball. If all your place does is to give you some room for practice, make sure that you don’t thick of getting a hoop before you make some space for it.

Height Adjustment:

This factor applies only to the portable basketball hoops since the height can only be adjusted if your hoop is a portable one. Now when you are about to get a basketball hoop, make sure you get the one with adjustable height so that you can set on a height which is according to your scoring skills and height. As you improve with the skills and height, you can increase or decrease the hoop’s height as well.


The backboard size also matters a lot. Usually, a backboard which widens upon to 44 inches is more than enough and according to the official standards.


Materials of which a hoop is made up matter the most. It is because a hoop relies on its material for strength and durability. For younger ones, boards designed of polyethylene and graphite are enough but for the adults or professionals, polycarbonate is the material you would want to go for.

So these were five top factors which you need to look at before buying a basketball hoop. For more stuff related to Basketball, you can always consult us.

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