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How To Install In-Ground Basketball Hoop Properly

The recommended Basketball system for beginners and street level players is a portable one. It is because it is easy to install and can be moved or carried to places. Also, it takes a lot of work to install or setup an in-ground basketball hoop and that is why a portable system is mostly recommended on an unprofessional level. However, if you want still want to go for an in-ground basketball hoop, we are going to teach you its installation method today.

Before we move on to tell you the rest of the process, make sure that you have all the important stuff and tools. First, your setup must be complete. For instance, you must have a hoop, rim, backboard, nails, and other important stuff.

installing in ground basketball hoop

Also, tools which are necessary for installation process such as shovel, hammer, nails, screws, and screwdriver must be present since these tools are necessary. You must also know to fit a rim or backboard onto a hoop and if not you can ask for a professional. So once you have taken care of that stuff, you are good to go with the rest of the guide in which we are going to teach you how to install an in-ground basketball hoop.

Step Wise Method Of In-Ground Basketball Hoop Installment:

Listed below are all the steps involved in the installation procedure of an in-ground BB hoop.

  1. First, with the help of tools such as shovels, you will need to dig a hole and make sure that it is muddy area so that you can easily dig a hole.
  2. Once you are with digging a hole of diameter 3.5, you will need to place your in-ground hoop inside it and put all the dug mud back into the hole and pave it.
  3. Make sure that you have already prepared concrete by using cement and water etc. so that you can make a strong base for this hoop.
  4. Now to make a strong concrete base, put it around the hoop and pave is using the pavement tool.
  5. Let it and leave it for as long as possible so that it is being dried.

Once you are done with these steps, your in-ground basketball hoop is set. Now comes the number of putting rest of the important stuff such as rim and backboard on the hoop. For that prepare your backboard and rim for installation. Climb on a portable ladder since an official hoop is 10 feet high and you cannot reach it manually. Let us continue our guide for installing these things.

  1. In this step, climb to the top of the hoop and place rim to set it up.
  2. Using the screwdriver, tight all the screws after it is set at the right position.
  3. Make sure that you have backboard already installed at the time of installation of hoop.
  4. If not, you can also do that afterwards but it is not recommended.
  5. And your in-ground basketball hoop is set for you to play.

So this was a short and quick guide in which we taught you how to install an in-ground Basketball hoop. For much amazing stuff from the world of Basketball, keep visiting our website.

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