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Learn How to Assemble a Portable Basketball System

Being a Basketball fan at street or an unprofessional level, a portable Basketball system becomes a recommendation. It is because an in-ground system is mostly expensive, hard to install and not so good for beginners. Also, if you want the advantage of moving your system to places, you wouldn’t certainly go for a fixed hoop. So today, we have up with this easy guide to help those who get stuff for a portable system and don’t know how to assemble a portable basketball system.

So before you move to perform rest of the assembling procedure, make sure that you have all the important stuff you need. To setup your portable basketball system, you need a hoop, a rim, and of course, a backboard. Also, you need important stuff such as screws and to tight them, a screwdriver is needed. Once you have all that stuff, you are good to move on with the rest of the guide in which we are going to teach you how to assemble a portable basketball system.

assembling portable basketball hoop

Assembling of Portable Basketball Hoops System:

Listed below are all the steps which are involved in the procedure of assembling a portable basketball system. So let us begin now.

  • Start by locating the middle pole and top pole sections. The top pole is covered in plastic inside the middle pole. Keep the top pole inside the middle pole, but pull the top pole a few inches out of the bottom of the middle pole.


  • If the poles become separated, insert the top end of the top pole up through the bottom of the middle pole. Slide the top pole up and out of the middle pole about 12 inches. Insert a carriage bolt through the hole near the bottom of the middle pole, and secure it with a washer and cap-nut.


  • This serves only to ensure the poles are properly aligned, the screw will spin freely once installed. Now once you have successfully setup your hoop along with its base, you are good to ahead and install rest of the things. After you are done with the assembling of hoop and its base and you know that it is good to stand, you will then need install the backboard.


  • To install a backboard properly, make sure that you align it properly with the hoop so that holes for screws are in line. Then you will need to the screws in these holes and tight them up with a screwdriver. Once your backboard has been setup and install on the hoop, the next step will be the installing of the rim on the backboard.


  • Now make sure that you have a good quality rim which is both flexible and of high-strength material. Before putting it on the hoop, get done with the screws and setup of the rim. Now click the hoop, get it aligned with it and setup your rim of the hoop. Make sure that you tight all the screws properly and don’t miss any.

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